Chow Chow Main Characteristics


The Chow Chow is natively from China (also called Songshi Quan or Chinese Lion). Some of the Chows’ characteristics are serious-minded, blue-blooded, imposing and unobtrusive. They get on well with the whole family however, they are good with a person – especially an older child – from family. Nevertheless, it is rare that a Chow gets on with other dogs.


Chinese lions tend to shed seasonally and should be groomed weekly. The can be in only one color such as red (light to dark), black, blue, cream and cinnamon (light to dark). Their weight and height vary respectively from 20 to 32 kg and from 43 to 51 cm depending on their age and gender. A new-born can expect that it will live for 8-13 years. The Chow’s barking level marked quite means that they do not disturb your neighbor if you live in the city.


A Chow needs to more exercise to stay healthy. They can easily be irritable because of their thick coats in summer months and this is why they are more active particularly in winter days. Actually, the Chows do not need much more exercise however they prefer to be out. Daily activity, for example, a daily walk will meet the requirement.